My family began this journey of having  alpacas/farm and homemade products as a way of spending time together. But due to a major health injury from an accident, I had to leave my job as nurse that I had worked for 16 years, so we began to use our farm as a way of creating/selling products that we love.  We have 24 chickens,  3 goats, 13 alpacas, 4 cats and 3 dogs. So not far from Old McDonald's Farm. Why alpacas you might ask. Well Alpacas are considered some of the greenest animals around. Alpacas efficient eating habits result in greatly reduced water and acreage needs compared to other grazing animals. Alpacas produce fiber their whole life. Their fiber is naturally free of lanolin and other oils found in sheep's wool, so once the alpaca is shorn no harsh chemicals are needed to process the fiber. Making alpaca natural and safe for your family and the environment. Our homemade goats milk soap is free of dyes and colorants, the colors come from natural spices and herbs. The milk comes from our goats. 

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